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COngrats on Starting your Capoeira Journey!

The Intro Course was a great start to learning this wonderful artform! This page will help you prepare and train at home to make the most of your classes!

Basic Escapes

Here are the basic escapes we went over in our intro series. These escapes are fundamental to the sequences and games we train in all our classes.

At Home training #1

The goal of this training is to work on some fundamental strength and mobility that will directly apply to our Capoeira Training. These exercises are representative of some of the physical preparation we do in class! For each exercise, set a timer for 2-4 minutes and explore that exercise for that time, taking appropriate rest as you go!

At-Home Training #2

This training session gets a little more specific to the movements we will be using in our classes, and are great basics to continue to work and refine! For each exercise, set a timer for 2-4 minutes and practice at a comfortable pace!

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