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Am I Too ____ For Capoeira?

One of the most common questions I get from new students or people interested in starting Capoeira is some variation of the following:

"Am I too old/out-of-shape/weak/heavy/tall/etc. for Capoeira?"

Probably due to popular and social media, people tend to have an idealized image of what a Capoeirista looks like, and that can lead them to think the art is not for them if they don't fit that image. The truth is, Capoeira is an incredibly broad and diverse art, and the types of people who love it are equally as diverse!

Our guiding principle at Mão Pelo Pê Capoeira is that Capoeira is for everyone, and to follow that, we aim to ensure everyone who walks into class feels welcome and accomplished at the end of class.

Our work toward this mission is reflected in the diversity of our student base:

  • Our youngest students are in pre-school, and our oldest are in their 70's.

  • Some of our students have been involved in other sports or movement arts, and for others this is their first serious physical activity.

  • Some people come in with joint problems or past injuries that limit their mobility.

  • Some students had never even heard of Capoeira before their first class!

Our instruction is designed to accommodate everyone no matter their starting place, but is also personalized to help each person go as far as they can with Capoeira and their movement potential. We apply modern teaching techniques that we are constantly evaluating and improving to help everyone perform the best that we know they can.

So if you are wondering if Capoeira is for you, the simple answer is to just try it! No matter who you are and what your goals may be, we can tailor our classes to make sure that they are challenging but achievable for everyone!

Feel free to send any specific questions about the way we adapt our curriculum, and we hope to see you in class!

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