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Class Values for Safe, Effective, and Inclusive Capoeira

Capoeira came to the United States in the mid 1970's, and didn't really pick up popularity into the 1990's and early 2000's. This makes it one of the youngest martial arts in this country, and many of the people who were the first to bring Capoeira to the States are still teaching today! This is very exciting as there is a lot of space to grow and innovate within the art, but also means many of the protective structures that exist in other more established sports are still being developed. Unfortunately, this has led to abuses of power and mistreatment of students in the past, but the new generation of Capoeira Instructors today are intent on correcting that.

One of the most important things to us in this process is to establish professional and transparent standards for everything we do in classes. Here are some of the ways that Mão Pelo Pé Capoeira is ensuring classes are safe, inclusive, and very effective at teaching all aspects of the art and for students of all ages!

CPR/AED Certification

All instructors and assistant instructors are certified in CPR, AED use, and Basic First Aid to keep students safe in any situation. Our training space is also equipped with basic First Aid supplies and an AED for emergency use.

SafeSport Certification

SafeSport is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing education on abuse prevention and accountability in all youth sports. All our instructors and assistant instructors are SafeSport Certified and uphold its values in all teaching activities. If you would like to learn more about SafeSport, check out their website here:

Continuing Education

Every year, our lead instructor, Mike, seeks out new opportunities to learn from experts in education, both inside and outside Capoeira. This way, he is always using the most modern and effective techniques to teach all age groups and fitness levels. This has included learning opportunities from Capoeira Instructors in Israel and Russia, as well as Kid's Capoeira Programs in Rio.

Open and Honest Communication

Lastly, a major pillar of our group is open communication, both in being transparent with our students about our methods, and being receptive of input and concerns from the students. Our goal is for all students to be comfortable bringing up issues and ideas so that we can address them immediately and improve both our class and our community. To that end, we have created a confidential comment box where students can submit concerns which you can access at the button below:

On top of these things, we are constantly looking for ways to improve what we do and think very critically about the choices we make. So feel free to give us any input you can think of to help us provide the best Capoeira classes we can!


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